dear amber,

today is your birthday. today is the day i lost my title as an only child. today is the day i became a sister. believe it or not, i actually have visual memories that sometimes pop up like little movies in my mind, of times surrounding each of my siblings births. my life wouldn’t be the same without each and every one of you. when my kids start to bicker, i try to remind them that, someday, they will realize how special their siblings are. just in case you don’t realize how awesome you are….

here are 5 things that make having a sister as an adult awesome

5 things that make having a sister as an adult awesome

1. you always have someone to cry to when you’re having a bad day, and they won’t blame you for being a crybaby, or judge you. chances are, they can top it, and if you’re lucky, you can laugh about it together.

2. no matter what hideous story you tell them about your kids, they still love them. their kid probably picks their nose and brought the booger to them too…

3. she’s probably the only person on the face of the planet, you can have a full blown battle with and still be best friends with the next day. whatever ugly things you say, are magically erased the next day. pretty sure this can happen with no other person. ever.

4. there is literally nothing you would be too embarrassed to ask, text, or say to her. trust me, i have texted some pretty questionable photos.

5. if you ever need a cheerleader, you don’t have to go far. any time i have ever had a business plan, diet plan, baby plan, clothing plan, christmas plan, you name it- any idea i have ever had, good or bad, she’s been my number one cheerleader!

i am so blessed that God chose me to be your sister, amber! happy birthday!!


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