today, my second baby turns 7.  i really don’t know how it’s been 7 years since he was born.  it’s been 7 years since my oldest was an only child.  it’s been 7 years since i felt him kick inside of me.  it’s been 7 years since i knew it was possible to love 2 kids equally.  it’s been 7 years since i knew how my heart could grow.

before he came, i was terrified.  oh, he was so wanted.  we knew how blessed we were to be pregnant with him, and we really did consider him a miracle.  but i was also terrified.  before thing 1 came, i knew i would fall madly in love with him.  things were different the second time around.

in honor of thing 2 turning 7, here are 7 things i feared before baby #2

7 things i feared before baby #2

1.  i would never be able to love another baby as much as i loved his older brother.  now, i realized at the time that this was an irrational fear, but that didn’t change the fact that i really thought there was a possibility this baby would come and i wouldn’t love him as much as my first baby.  i actually cried to my midwife that i felt so sad for this baby, because i was scared of that.

truth:  the minute he was born, i knew the fear was not a reality.  i couldn’t let go of him.  how could i ever have thought that would be an issue.

2. just to counter the first one, i was scared i wouldn’t love my first baby as much.  again, irrational, i know.  i guess i just looked at it like i would need to split my love for each of my children.

truth: no matter how many kids you have your love just grows.  sounds cheesy, but, oh my, so true!

3.  my first baby would feel neglected.  (i should say, my first “baby” was almost 4 by the time he became a brother).

truth: we worked it out, and we became a family of 4, then 5, then 6….  and each time we got a little crazier, and maybe a few more gray hairs, but it just “worked” and each one of us fell in love with the new baby, every time, so splitting time up wasn’t really an issue.  of course, there are times when they all want my attention at once, but we figured it out.

4.  my second baby WOULD be neglected compared to the first.  i am a huge attachment parent.  not everyone is- obviously, but that actually made me fear #2 even more.  i felt like if i did things differently, i would be less afraid.  the thing was, i didn’t want to do things differently.  i wanted to be able to hold him as much as i held my first.  i wanted to let him nurse on demand.  i didn’t want to make him follow a schedule.

truth: i held him just as much, if not more than the first.  i think i stopped worrying about what other people thought, and grew some confidence which was actually a pretty amazing thing!

5.  this baby wouldn’t be as easy as the first, and i wouldn’t know how to handle him.

truth:  this one actually happened….

6.  i would have to let go of some things.  i’m a bit of a control freak.  i own it.  i’m not shy about it.  i don’t try to hide it.

truth:  that happened too…  but… it was actually so beautiful when it did.  i got to watch my husband’s relationship with both of our kids change.  i’m not saying he had no relationship with our oldest prior to that.  he, himself, admits that the “slug” stage, as he calls it, isn’t his favorite.  he loves our babies, and has loved snuggling each one of them as newborns, and infants, but their relationships all have grown so much from about 2+ years on.  i loved watching him with our oldest when our second came along.

7.  i would have a second and realize i could never handle any more than 2…  my vision of a big family would be squashed.

truth:  it wasn’t until they outnumbered us by 2 that we knew we had to call our family complete ;)

what did YOU fear before baby #2?


7 things I feared before baby #2 — 2 Comments

  1. lovely post! I’m expecting #2 any day now and wrote a whole post about why I’m scared… But it all boils down to me being afraid I won’t be able to handle it! Sleep deprivation, etc. All the selfish me stuff!! My first isn’t 2 yet. I just fear for my sanity initially!

    • tara, congrats!! i am sure you will do wonderfully! none of mine were that close in age. i always admire you mamas with babies that close. you go, girl!!

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