I know I’m not the ONLY person that would wear leggings everyday if I could. But I can’t, because i probably have about a handful of shirts that cover my butt and hips and are suitable for leggings.
 the perfect legging top
I know the general rule of thumb. I know that leggings aren’t considered pants and that if your top does not cover your goods, you probably shouldn’t leave your house in that outfit. As a perky teenager, I’m sure it would be considered fashionable and trendy. As a mom of 2, it’s not cute.
So, I decided to give myself options, by adding one single article of clothing to my wardrobe. An extended tank top!!! Genius!
I’m about to change your life in 20 minutes.
All you need is:
an old oxford shirt (You know the one I’m talking about! It’s in the back of your closet because you keep telling yourself one day you’ll wear it again. Today is the day!)
a cotton camisole (please note: I used spandex. I would highly recommend cotton. it will give the stretch and fit needed to go over hips)
Sewing machine
Cut your shirt about 2 -3 buttons up from the bottom (you can fix it later if it’s not the perfect length for you)
the perfect legging top
Turn both the tank and your shirt bottom inside out and overlap them by an inch and just start pinning. Once you’ve pinned the whole way around, CAREFULLY try it on and make sure it’s the length you prefer. Keep in mind that you want it to be longer than most of your sweaters or tops that you’ll be wearing over it. But also, you don’t want your cami to show under sweater either.
If it’s a great length for you. Start to sew.
And then you’re done. And now you get to LITERALLY wear leggings every day of your life.
the perfect legging top
You’re welcome.


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