a few weeks ago, i posted a friday favorite on birchbox. you can check out that post here! i love my birchbox because of the goodies that come in it, but also because of the box it comes in.

every month i get the prettiest, most perfect little box. then i let it sit somewhere in my kitchen or living room, since that’s where i open my mail, until i get the motivation to take everything out and give it home. after which, i have this box, that i just can’t stand to throw away, because it’s just so perfect!

i have put them in the kids’ art cabinet to make crafts, stacked them on my desk, laid them in random spots around the house. they were empty, just taking up space, and if i didn’t do something with them, it was going to start looking like an episode of hoarders up in this joint..

i can’t stand clutter, and yet, it seems like it’s everywhere i turn there is clutter in this house. it makes me anxious. i am on a mission to be more organized. i’m working on that. i’ll keep you posted.

anyhow, back to the birchboxes… i finally had enough of them sitting around in random places, and decided to put them to use after i opened my desk drawers and was, once again, met with a swift, hard smack in the face in the way of a giant, mess of half used kraft paper, dried out pens, and staples.

 enter birchbox organizing.  easy peasy.

birchbox organizing

i wish i would have thought to take before pictures, but honestly, i tend to do things like that without much planning in advance. so, after pictures is what you get!

birchbox organizing

birchbox organizing

look!!  all tidied up, i didn’t spend a single extra cent, and now i have no birchboxes laying around the house.  :)


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