this is an affiliate post.  i did receive compensation in return for this post.  however, the review was written based on our personal experience, and it is all true.

last week, all three of our boys participated in british soccer camps by challenger sports.  challenger sports offers soccer camps all over the united states.  my two older boys were in camp from 9-12, and my younger one was there from 9-10:30.  the camp lasted a week.  each child received a free ball, and a free t-shirt.


the kids were divided into two groups with the older kids separated from the younger kids.  my children absolutely had a blast with the camp, and they were excited to go every day.  the group of younger kids ranged from 4-9, and the older kids 10 and up.

the younger kids mostly played games which disguised the skills they were learning.  their coach was wonderful with them, and there was a whole bunch of laughing, and running, and kicking the ball.

2015-08-14_003 2015-08-14_004


the older kids worked on skills a bit more.  there was a lot of focus on team work, and passing.  again, the coach was wonderful, and worked well with the children.


at the end of the week, the kids were given a certificate with a check list of skills, and were they fell with regards to their ability to perform the skill.  each certificate also had a personal message from their coaches to the player.



the kids had a blast, and learned so much!!  we will definitely be participating in the camp next year!  i am amazed by how many new friends each of the kids made in the camp.


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