Dear Lorrin,

The countdown to Vegas is on, and we are quitting candy!!! Jeff and I told ourselves that when 60 days hit, we would start making better choices in eating, we’d start calling it quits. Not because we eat horribly, but we do eat candy like we’re 9. Literally every night, it’s how we end our night.
calling it quits- hello sister love
So of course 60 days would start directly on a weekend, right? But we stayed strong.
Cutting something you love out of your diet, is just like any addiction. It consumes you for the first several days. You try to replace it by satisfying your crave for something else, but it’s not the same.
I know a lot of people are coincidentally going through the same withdrawals as us right now with Lent starting last week. It’s a great time to sacrifice something you love. I’ve seen the lists: Soda, coffee, carbs, FACEBOOK, biting nails, etc. None of these are an easy quit. And I wish I had a cure all solution to end bad habits.
The most difficult part about quitting something you do everyday is that you turn to something else you’ll do everyday. Facebook turns to instagram, coffee turns to iced tea or soda, biting nails turns to eating. Sacrificing one thing leads to starting a new thing and it’s your responsibility to make sure you choose the RIGHT thing. Which is HARD! your brain is not working right. Your mind is all over what you’re missing. Think about those days that you’ve been so busy that you haven’t eaten, and now it’s 9pm and you’re staring at your pantry. You’re going to inhale everything in sight, right? You’re not going to take the time to make a smart choice. There is no way in hell you’re pulling out ingredients to cook a healthy meal. You’re going to choose the quickest, easiest option because, in your mind, you can’t afford to wait any longer. This is how my clouded mind feels when I deprive myself of something, ANYTHING I am so used to. I don’t have the patience and I definitely don’t have a reasonable bone in my body at that moment. It makes me happy.
I know what you’re thinking. Why the hell has she put so much thought into the ¬†quitting of candy. It’s not just candy. It’s anything that consumes me. Quitting on candy is not the first time I’ve QUIT ON CANDY. Just like my good friend, Taylor Swift says, “just because you’re clean, don’t mean you don’t miss it”. And that will be true forever. But I don’t know why I would go back to it. There are no pros to liking candy. It’s bad for your teeth, it’s bad for your body. But sometimes, after you’re done thinking about it everyday, and your mind and body are clear from the toxic waste you’ve been consuming or that’s been consuming you, you acknowledge that you feel better. You acknowledge that you look better. Your attention is focused on the right people or thing. And YOU’RE HAPPY. without it. It’s possible to be happy without it.¬† And then you remember my BFF, Tay saying, “now that i’m clean, i’m never gonna risk it”.
So here I am, 58 days to go until Vegas and I am annoyed. I want candy. BUT I’m probably only about 5 or 6 days away from feeling like I can survive without it. So let’s not say 58 days to go. Let’s say 6. And i’ll get back to you. :)
hello sister love
are you calling anything quits?


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