so, i have been eyeing up these pillows for a while, and i was looking for a pretty easy and cheap diy project to share with you all, and this is what i landed on. if you have never used iron transfer paper, you may just fall in love. amber has used it in the past several times, and i have been wanting to try it, but just haven’t had the opportunity. now that i have, i can tell you, i will be looking for more ways to use it!!

diy photo transfer pillows

all three boys share a room, so i decided that i wanted to make 3 pillows, one for each of them.  lucky for me, the transfer paper comes in a pack of 3 for $6.99, AND amber texted me a coupon for 50% off at joann’s so it was super cheap!!  then, i bought 3- 14×14 pillows for $8.99 each, and THOSE were 40% off even without a coupon!  i knew i wanted to use burlap for the back, and i had muslin already, so i was all set!  see…super cheap!!

here’s what you need:

  • computer and printer
  • muslin or other light colored fabric OR a solid light colored pillowcase
  • iron on transfer paper
  • burlap
  • sewing machine
  • iron

the first thing i did was follow the directions included with the paper for printing my pictures onto the paper.  the directions DO ask you to flip your image, and i did have the resources to do that, but i decided not to, because i wanted to see if it would really make a difference to those that don’t do that.  it wasn’t a problem for me in all but one of the pictures.  that particular picture had writing on the shirt, and so the words are flipped.  it really doesn’t bother me enough to change it, but that’s my word of caution!

once the pictures were printed, it tells you to wait 30 minutes before ironing.  i cut 1 piece of 15×15 muslin and one of 15×15 burlap for each pillow.  preheat your iron to the highest heat setting and don’t use and steam.  iron all of your pieces so there are no wrinkles in them.  once they cooled, i centered one of my pictures face down on the muslin and set those on a pillowcase that was placed on a cutting board.  the directions clearly say not to use an ironing board.  i’m not going to lie, i had 3 pieces of paper, and 3 pictures, and i really didn’t want to mess up and have to buy more, so i was all about making sure i followed the directions to a t!  the first picture turned out perfectly.  i pressed my iron firmly in circles for more than 15-20 seconds (just like the directions said to do), and then i waited until the paper had cooled a little bit (it was still almost hot, but not nearly as hot as it had been- borderline warm) and i peeled the backing off.  it came off beautifully!

the second one didn’t come off as easily, and i think it is because i didn’t wait as long before peeling.

once the pictures were on the fabric, i pinned the burlap and muslin right sides together

diy photo transfer pillows

i sewed the sides and top together, leaving the bottom open so i could stuff the pillow in.  then i used a whip stitch to close it up and i was done!!

diy photo transfer pillows



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