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happy friday!!!!  

in case you are new to the hello sister love, this is a place we can post our most favorite things.  get ready for our favorite foods, beauty products, vacation places, tv shows, Bible verses or quotes, pretty much anything we love!  here and there we will do a fun giveaway too!

my favorite for the week is birchbox.
friday favorites- birchbox- hello sister love

not so long ago, amber introduced me to this fun, basically, guilt-free pleasure!  i’ll let you in on a little secret, i am a total cheapskate- ESPECIALLY when it comes to spending money on myself.  this is basically makes this the perfect thing for me, it’s only $10 a month!  see!!  guilt-free!

 birchbox is a subscription goody.  once a month, for $10 a month, they send you this cute little box filled with trial sized higher end beauty and grooming products.  usually, there are 5-6 things in your box, picked for you based on a profile you set up on the site.  it’s rare that amber and i get the same things in our boxes.  we have gotten things like shampoo and conditioner, perfume, eye shadows, eye liners, lip gloss, all different kinds of skin care products, nail polish, bronzers, the list goes on!!  along with the items in the box, is a post card with a list of each thing in the box, the cost for the full-sized product, and a description of the product.  there are also directions for each of the items.  i don’t spend a ton of money on make up, but i feel like i spend even less now (aside from specific staples i do use), since they send me anything extra!!

i look forward to it every month, it’s one piece of mail that isn’t a bill.  oh yeah!  plus, it’s always fun to see what i will be surprised with!

if you would like to subscribe to birchbox, you can use this link (affiliate) here, you will LOVE it!!

ps- the trials in the pictures were all things i have received at one point from birchbox, but not necessarily in the same month.  i just grabbed some examples for the picture!  also, while we will receive incentives for referring those who sign up, we have both been paying for a birchbox for over a year (amber longer than i), so these opinions are definitely truth!!  :)


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