friday faves- hello sister loveheyyy!!! i’ve been super busy lately, which has resulted in me getting a little behind on everything!  so, here is this week’s friday favorites (a day late!).  we love these totes by ariane machin of hello totes.  they are all on super awesome, inspirational totes.  i have two, and they’re the perfect size for almost any occasion and they look so cute!

friday faves | hello totes

what’s even more cool, is we have paired up with hello totes to offer a fun giveaway!  all you have to do is like both hello totes facebook page AND hello sister love’s facebook page (if you haven’t already) and comment (on facebook) on this post a time you chose love instead of being grumpy or angry.  don’t lie–  you know there’s been a time!  ;)  then, on april 16th, at 10pm, we will choose a winner at random.  bonus:  you get to pick your favorite tote!  sweet!!


friday favorites | hello totes — 1 Comment

  1. I chose love yesterday while picking out a baseball glove for my son. He wasn’t happy it was a red and black glove instead of blue and let everyone in the store know it

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