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happy friday!!!!  

in case you are new to the hello sister love, this is a place we can post our most favorite things.  get ready for our favorite foods, beauty products, vacation places, tv shows, Bible verses or quotes, pretty much anything we love!  here and there we will do a fun giveaway too!

I have a slight (ahem, massive) obsession to jamberry nail wraps. I should sell them, really. I believe in them that much. But until I reach that point, I’ll just keep right on spending too much money ordering them.

jamberry nail wraps

What ARE jamberry nail wraps?
If you are not familiar with jamberry nail wraps, let me give you a little info on them.
These little gems are to replace the countless trips to the salon for manicures, just to get home to realize you messed one up when you were putting on your coat, or it chipped when you put your seat belt on. These nail wraps are done in the comfort of your home! You can put them on while lying in bed, and wake up the next morning WITHOUT sheet imprints!!!
Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs a good manicure every now and then. The cuticle clean up and massage alone are enough to sell me, but if you are looking for really fun, unique, durable nails, TRY THESE!
They go on as easily as blow drying them until they’re warm and rubbing, then filing to finish. And the combinations and designs are endless!
But my favorite thing about jams is that they last much longer than nail polish, which is key for those of you that are nonstop like me! Sometimes you just don’t have that much time each week to invest in making your nails presentable. I swear with these, you’re excited to switch up your wraps before they even show any sign of wear to them! The average lifespan of jamberry nail wraps is about 2 weeks and up to 6 weeks on your toes.
I love to split the sheets in half with friends to double dip on the wraps!
If I have peaked anyone’s interest after reading this post, and you are itching for a sample or to order, please email me with your address.
As an added bonus, Jamberry offers nail wraps for $15 or Buy 3, Get 1 Free.
If you order through, and mention hello sister love, she will take an additional $7 off of your order of 4, PLUS free shipping.
hello sister love


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