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TGIFF! :)  Welcome to Friday Favorites!  This is a place we can post our most favorite things.  Get ready for our favorite foods, beauty products, vacation places, tv shows, Bible verses or quotes, pretty much anything we love!  Here and there we will do a fun giveaway too!

here it is…  my personal friday favorite is…


“it’s only a cup!” you say.  “what’s the big deal?” you ask.  “why is she so obsessed?” you wonder.

to that, i say, have you ever tried one??!!! i really am obsessed with these cups.  they keep my coffee warm in the morning, and my water cold during the day.  they are insulated so they don’t sweat.  they have so many cute options.  AND they have lids.  i really can’t think of a more perfect cup.  you can get mugs, and a ton of different sizes, water bottles. i mean, really, there is no need to have anything else.  i am on a mission to replace every cup in my house with a tervis.  i’m almost there!!  woot!!

get yours here now!!  i would be shocked if you don’t love them as much as we do!


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