this week, every one in our house took turns being sick.  first, payton had the stomach flu which landed us in the hospital, thinking he had appendicitis.  trust me, you want to steer clear of the stomach bug this year, apparently, it starts with severe abdominal pain.  we have since heard others have ended up in the emergency room as well.  thankfully, it WAS just a bug, and after a few hours in the ER, we were on our way home.  the next day, jacoby woke up with a fever, and a terrible headache, the next two days, were devoted to emory who was taking his turn with the fever.  taytum came next with the fever AND an ear infection.  to make matters worse, i had a terrible cold, and no one was sleeping, so brent and i were taking turns getting up with one kid, or another.  we were cranky, and tired, and as always, life pretty much continues as usual, even though everyone is sick.

when i had a second, amidst our already chaotic life, and the added chaos of a house full of sick peeps, i would hop on to facebook for a little adult “conversation”.  facebook can go either way for me.  some days, my feed is full of positive people, saying genuinely positive things.  other days, not so much.

meet lexi.


lexi is 4 years old, and on a week when i needed to put things into perspective, her story helped me to gain perspective.  you see, on january 9, 2015, she was diagnosed with b-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  since then, her aunt, a friend i made through my photography business,  lorrin sell photography, has been posting updates on lexi’s journey.  lexi and her parents have been through more than i can imagine in the last month and a half (not to mention the months leading up to her diagnosis).

the thing is, even on our roughest weeks, there is always someone who is powering through far more than we are.  i have watched the interviews with lexi’s parents.  i have seen interviews, or heard others speak when life has handed them lemons.  more often than not, their spirits are mostly high, and they have faith.  they have had countless, sleepless nights, and eaten hospital food 5 out of 7 nights, in a week, they have watched their babies be pricked with needles, and sick for far longer than a few days.  somehow, their faith gets them through it.   i watch them, and i think, “you are amazing.  you are my hero.  i want to be YOU!”

i may still cry and have a pity party for myself, in the middle of the night when someone wakes up.  i lie…it doesn’t have to be the middle of the night, if they’re not all sleeping by 8 pm, i will have my pity party.  i will keep in mind though, that our trials are mostly short lived, and put things into perspective.  so, i vow to snuggle my kids a little more, and try to yell a little less in frustration, and maybe with the help of a little coffee, i’ll get through this week (or month…it is february in PA, after all).

if you would like to read more about lexi’s story, or donate to her family, to help with all things financial associated with her treatment process, you can see her story here.  If nothing else, please pray for this sweet little girl, and her family.  i know they would welcome all the prayers you have to offer.


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