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happy friday!!!!  

in case you are new to the hello sister love, this is a place we can post our most favorite things.  get ready for our favorite foods, beauty products, vacation places, tv shows, Bible verses or quotes, pretty much anything we love!  here and there we will do a fun giveaway too!

i love a good book.  i will read a book, cover to cover, in less time than a normal person should.  i will stay up until my eyelids refuse to stay open any longer.  i will read any place that has a waiting room.  of course, since i have had children, and i became a WAHM, that has become less common.  in fact, i barely get to read anymore- apart from books for work, or educational purposes.

but…. back in the day when i did get to read a lot, jodi picoult was, hands down, my favorite author.  i have recommended countless books by her, to countless people.  everyone of them has loved her just as much!  she wrote the pact, salem falls, nineteen minutes, my sister’s keeper, plain truth, and dozens more.  most of those, just named were actually made into movies.  although, i have to say, having read all of them, and seen the movies, i preferred the books!

jodi picoult

the first book i ever read by her was introduced to me, by my aunt who is a self proclaimed bookworm, and truly, she is the first author that i was ever read more than one book by.  i just love the way she writes.  most of her books are written from the perspective of different characters in the book.  most revolve around some controversial theme.  kidnapping, some sort of illness, jail time, ghosts, you name it, and jodi does an amazing job (in my opinion) of really getting to know the topic.  there’s almost always a little bit of romance without being raunchy, and i always fall in love with the characters.

 if you haven’t already, check her out, and let me know what you think!!


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