dear amber,

my house isn’t spotless.

the amount of things i can find laying in random places, in my home is absurd. i always complain to brent about the ridiculous things i find laying all over the house, but today, i was vacuuming and decided (after putting away several things, and making a mental list in my head), to make a nice little pile.

here’s what i found…

my house isn't spotless

 my house isn’t spotless.  it’s far from spotless, actually.  now, before i go ahead and embarrass myself, i just want to be clear.  i wouldn’t say my house is trashed, but it is lived in.  and, it’s lived in by four children 10 and under.  when i look closely (or not so closely, if i am being honest) there are sticky fingerprints on walls, and dirty windows in my house.  there are toys in places they don’t belong.  there is a pile of folded laundry so large, in my basement, it is almost impressive.  you could potentially find several dollars in coins and a couple of full boxes of crayons laying under things throughout the house.

i vacuum everyday.  i wash dishes everyday– i do take my time putting them away.  i clean the kitchen counters.  i wipe things down.  i pick up crayons.  i throw away crayons.  we do laundry.  i make my bed everyday.  we put away laundry (well…ok…not everyday…).  it really doesn’t matter.  it’s a vicious cycle.  i put away one toy, and out comes another.  i clean the bathroom, and one little boy, waits too long to use the bathroom, and, well, you can only imagine what the toilet looks like, after he runs to the bathroom, and just barely makes it to the toilet.  even when i do those things, my house still isn’t spotless.  i barely have enough time to finish the daily chores, let alone the extras that i am dying to get to.  i’m not trying to suggest the moms who do manage to keep up with their homes, are missing out in another area.  in fact, i am a bit envious of them.  unfortunately, i am not that awesome.  and, when i waste my time– that’s exactly what it is— comparing myself to others, it just leaves me feeling battered and bruised.  i have tried countless different strategies to get me on the right track.  life happens though, and it throws me off course.

so, i say we find all of the mamas out there without a spotless houses, and we can all fist bump!  don’t make fun of me.  i know you are calling me a dork.  it does give me anxiety when my house gets out of control.  but, i am learning to tell myself not to get too bent out of shape.  our impressive laundry pile will dwindle down, as we put stuff away and transition into shorts, and t-shirts, and out of sweatshirts, sweaters, and pants.  the sock pile will be smaller, since we live in our flip flops.  the toys (in the house) will be less and there will be more dirt instead, once the kids and dog are in and out of the house.  i’ll put the dishes away while the kids are outside in the backyard, and i can watch them playing.  and, in the meantime, no one that comes over will ever have to look far for a crayon, or the duct tape.




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