my house isn't spotless

my house isn’t spotless

dear amber, my house isn’t spotless. the amount of things i can find laying in random places, in my home is absurd. i always complain to brent about the ridiculous things i find laying all over the house, but today, i was vacuuming and decided (after putting away several things, … read more >

jamberry nail wraps
honey garlic chicken
a letter to my tween son

a letter to my tween son

i’ve been a little melancholy lately thinking that my oldest baby is really not a baby anymore, but rather my tween son!  he has changed so much in the last few months.  he laughs at jokes the other kids don’t understand yet.  he gets paid to follow the little ones … read more >


british soccer camp

  once hockey season is over, we start thinking about soccer.  soccer means things are going to start warming up, and at least in our case, time spent outside.  nothing wrong with that!  i miss the color green!  i miss grass!  i miss sun!  i miss sweating… since it’s almost … read more >

caramel apple dip- hello sister love
calling it quits- hello sister love

Calling it Quits | Quitting Candy

Dear Lorrin, The countdown to Vegas is on, and we are quitting candy!!! Jeff and I told ourselves that when 60 days hit, we would start making better choices in eating, we’d start calling it quits. Not because we eat horribly, but we do eat candy like we’re 9. Literally … read more >

friday favorites- birchbox- hello sister love

friday favorites | birchbox

happy friday!!!!   in case you are new to the hello sister love, this is a place we can post our most favorite things.  get ready for our favorite foods, beauty products, vacation places, tv shows, Bible verses or quotes, pretty much anything we love!  here and there we will do … read more >

snowman string cheese