dear amber,

tomorrow is emory’s snack day, or snowman string cheese day!  he has been talking about snack day for well over a month.  he has been asking when it was his turn since before the snack calendar came out.  he has been driving me nuts.

tomorrow is the day, and lucky for me, he decided, all on his own, that this snack day required an extra special snack.  a little over a week ago, he peered over my shoulder while i was digging around on pinterest, and spotted these really super cute string cheese snowmen.  you can see the ones he spotted here.  they’re perfectly adorable.  they have perfect little cricut cut hats, and adorable eyes, noses, and mouths, and exactly three sweet buttons on each snowman.

emory made his tonight.  i don’t own a cricut, and i was not allowed to help, other than to cut the enormous hats, lopsided, not-so-perfect hats,and fill in orange carrot noses.

snowman string cheese

aren’t they lovely?  the control freak in me struggled a bit with this.  i actually had to tell myself to let it go, and allow this to be his thing.  apparently, someone else in his class had seen this cute project too, which was part of the reason he was so excited when he spotted it, and also, the reason he did not need, nor want my help.  (you can see i tried to make one, then i was told to back off (pretty much, anyhow).  on top of having to let go, and let him have his way for the first time with my permanent markers, i wasn’t leaving my house for ribbon, and this was all that we had in the house– well, at least, that wasn’t brown.

anyhow, i was all ho-hum because they weren’t looking as perfect as i wanted them to, and this really awesome thing happened–  they turned out so much cooler! i mean, just look at them!  and the whole time he was making them, he was telling me what a great job he was doing.

here are a few of my personal faves…  obviously, a snowman string cheese can never have too many buttons, or a big enough smile…

snowman string cheese

and these..

snowman string cheese

i’m so glad i didn’t wait until he was in bed to make them.  he is going to be so much prouder when he takes them to school tomorrow, and other than a couple of scraps of paper, this was a pretty easy “craft” to clean up after. score!





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