I wanted to take a little bit of time to talk about my body, and why I suck it up and exercise.  I think it is important to set aside time for you and your body. If that’s hard for you because you hate it, or you’re unhappy with your appearance or you’ve got imperfections that you make sure to hide, then I want you to try something for ONE WEEK.

Treat your body like it is another one of your children. That sounds silly, I know, but I want you to just try it for 7 days.  Just- suck it up, and exercise.
why i suck it up and exercise
Love it unconditionally. Make sure that its fed. Make sure that you kept it active. Give it water. Nurture it, like you would your son or daughter. Here’s the easy truth. Your body will be with you forever. Longer than anything or anyone else. So why not treat it like you love it?

Why I suck it up and exercise
My children are my world. From sun up to sun down, everything I do revolves around them. And I am fully aware that their safety an well-being is solely mine and my husband’s responsibility. Over the years, we’ve learned to make decisions or calls based on signals that our kids are giving to us. If someone is cranky, he needs a nap, if someone is smelly, you change or clean them. If they’re going nuts in the house, you let them loose at a park. It is a natural instinct for any parent to want what is best for your child. The same should be said for my own body.  It took me a while to get to this point. I can’t say that i LOVE my body, but I can absolutely say that I treat it like I love it.
There are a few ways to rationalize this if you’re saying to yourself, “i just don’t have the time”. Trust me, I get it. It’s a huge inconvenience to set time aside for the gym. But sometimes kids need things at really inconvenient times too. You make it work, because it’s your job. If you make it a point to give each of your children one-on-one time each day or 3-4 times a week so that they know that you are just focusing on them for that one moment, you can do the same for your body. Here’s the best part about finding the time: Just like kids, it doesn’t take much to make your body happy! And when your body feels good, YOU feel good.
This really isn’t a hard concept. You  already agree with me that you want your children to give 100% in everything they do. Remember my “Lead by Example” post? This is a good place to start.
And when I say to love your body unconditionally, I mean no matter the imperfections. We aren’t dumb. We know nobody is perfect, but as a mother and a father, your children are perfect in your eyes. Add your body to that list.
If your child does something that upsets you or you feel like you need to take some time to work on biting, or saying please and thank you, or potty training, add your body to that list.
If you’re so super proud of your son for his good grades or awesome baseball game, and you treat him to ice cream or new sneakers, add yourself to the list. (side note: kids don’t really get massages, but moms and dads do. TREAT yourself!)
Right now, You are the single most important person in more lives than your own. Be good to yourself and you will be happier. Your kids will be happier. Your husband will be happier. And I don’t have any statistics, but I’m willing to bet, happier means healthier.
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